Way back in 2014, I married my wife Erin and moved Erin, originally from Canada, and our son to Houston, Texas. At that point in time, I was working in banking but, surprisingly, was unable to support our family on that income alone.

During the preparation for our wedding, I had started to use pomades of different types. I quickly honed in on the ‘homebrew’ market of products and, to put it mildly, fell in absolute love! I was amazed by the quality of the homebrew products. They were so far superior to those store bought, chemical filled pomades.

I found myself looking at, and then studying, the ingredient lists. I was convinced I could make cutting-edge and ground-breaking pomades.

After a lot of trial and error in our kitchen, I started to understand more about how the ingredients worked. And, more importantly, how they chemically interacted.

Other brewers were starting to make ‘Unorthodox Waterbased Pomades’ (which are technically pastes and creams), and after doing more research we were able to come out with Insubmersible, one of the leading pomades of its day, and then with a lot more work, we developed our best seller and ground-breaking pomade, Black Ship.

I went full time leaving the banking industry and focusing on what we do at Flagship and started putting a full-time staff together to brew, and fill, all of those orders. And, then I started winning Awards. For both products (“Top 10 Best Pomades Award”) as well as my brewing talents (“Most Ambitious Brewer”). We continued to push the limits of what we knew and were comfortable with, making more unique products and growing into Flagship Pomade.

In 2023 we underwent an exciting transformation and shut down our original operations which were bought by Flagship Pomade Company LLC, based in Colorado, which has deep development resources and manufacturing skills.  This will allow us to continue to expand our Flagship offerings and our product innovations and take us to new heights that I’ve been trying to reach for so long in our product offerings.  I am so excited for our future!

From the get-go, we have always focused on making products that are clean and purposeful. Living in (very hot and humid) Houston, Texas we pride ourselves greatly on products that are resilient in heat and humidity, which has in turn become something our product line is known for around the world.

Most importantly, we have done this for our family; when you purchase from us, you are giving back to a small business that has its customers’ interests at heart. So welcome to our site, and thank you on behalf of Flagship Pomade. We look forward to being part of your daily “perfect hair” journey as you set sail.


Cody W. Branson