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The natural clays in this bottle will absorb moisture and impurities making it a versatile powder with a variety of uses.

Dry Shampoo: revives hair adding volume and texture.
Styling Powder: for loose textured styles with a matte finish or cut shine from styling product.
Clay Mask: mix a teaspoon with water to form a paste and apply to face. Let dry and gently wash away.

bentonite clay, kaolin clay, arrowroot powder, tapioca starch, essential oil blend.

Hold: Loose/Light
Shine: Matte
Scent: Cedar + Lavender + Blood Orange

Comes in an amber glass bottle with a sifter and metal lid.
2 oz. / 40 g.
Travel sized.

Plant Based. Cruelty Free. Handmade in Charlotte, NC. Please reuse or recycle.